9 Apps to make living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease Easier

Disclosure: As a Verizon Lifestyle #VZWBUZZ  Blogger I receive Devices for review & occasional travel opportunities. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.     Managing an IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease)   can be exhausting simply because there are so many things to remember at a time when you are feeling less than […]

Get your body moving at the Microsoft Store #FallFitness Event

  Disclosure: I’m being compensated for my participation and support of this Microsoft Store Promotion. That familiar snap is in the air here in Boston, the cold weather is approaching and if you are like me going outside to exercise is just not happening! Couple reduced physical activity with increased feasting over the holidays and […]

My Review of the Verizon Edge Plan

A lot of you have correctly pointed out to me that since I’m a #VZWBUZZ ambassador & Verizon sends me devices for review I’m not having a real customer experience. I’ve decided to rectify this by purchasing a new phone on the Verizon Edge and share with you the factors that led me to choose […]

Great Apps for Back to School | 2014

  In just a few short weeks bathing suits will be giving way to backpacks as the kids board the bus and head back to school.  As more schools embrace mobile learning parents may find tablets on the list of essential school supplies.

9 Great Android Apps to Explore Boston with in 2014

  Verizon enabled my son Matt to be able to see our hometown through a new lens by gifting me with an HTC One M8 for review. My son is not a blogger but he wanted to share a few pics of Boston with you and some great android apps that you might find useful […]

Mobile Families Deserve Powerful Answers

As you know I am a lifestyle blogger for Verizon and I receive devices for review but those devices do NOT cover my phone bill. Verizon does not require me to buy their services as a condition of my participation in the #vzwbuzz program, but I felt it was important that I pay for an […]

Enter to Win an ipad mini | Discover #Thrively

  As parents we all want to encourage our children to explore various activities in order to help them uncover their true talents. Come and “Discover Thrively” a fantastic new site  that will help unlock your child’s full potential! Thrively is free to join and they offer a unique strength assessment developed by board certified […]

20 Resources to Assist in Rearing Digital Kids

Raising kids in the age of mobile devices presents parents with a big set of challenges. How can you keep digital kids safe while also allowing them the freedom to explore and grow via their use of technology? How can you decide which devices and parental control apps are best suited for your family?

Six Things to Consider When buying Wireless Speakers

When smartphones and tablets were first released, the ability to watch a movie or listen to our favorite album anywhere seemed amazing, even we if had to wear uncomfortable ear buds or if the sound was tinny. As the technology has matured we are all demanding more in terms of sound quality from our smart […]

Six Ways to Save Big on Mobile Devices in 2014

Upgrading a family of four with new flagship phones can cost $1,200 plus taxes and fees! Add in a tablet or two and the bill can be out of reach for many families. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to give our loved ones the hardware power they need without emptying our wallet. Here’s […]