Writers Block, when your awesome vanishes

It’s been several weeks since I last posted, I’d sit down to Live Writer & all that I could seem to produce was complete crap, day after day it went on, utter writing failure. I had a case of what I thought was Writer’s block then I happened across a tweet about a live speech from the wonderful  @unmarketing  in his  fabulous talk at Adobe Scott address the topic of how often should we post? He said “you post when you have something awesome to share” Wow, that simple message slammed into my head like a freight train! my writer’s block was happening because I’d stopped using my true voice in my posts, my awesome vanished as result.

Rediscovering our voices

I sat down and looked over my life, discovered some problems in my daily routine, things that were killing my energy and my desire to write. Here’s my checklist

  • Are you sleeping well? many of us blog late at night, after working day jobs & caring for families.
  • Getting enough exercise? regular exercise energizes you, helps creative juices to flow
  • Are you carving out time to spend with family/friends? what about your non-blogging hobbies? these things provide balance & feed creativity
  • Are you being true to your own voice? Does your blog read like the advertisement section of a magazine ? Does your niche truly reflect your interests and passions?
  • Covering too many platforms – trying to be awesome on your blog & on Twitter, Facebook,Digg, etc is a recipe for burnout

Our lives aren’t magazine ads

My awesome vanished because I wasn’t sleeping enough, had stopped spending enough time with family/friends. I was also trying to force myself to get into Facebook, a platform that doesn’t come naturally to me. On the Blog front, I was guilty of focusing mainly on giveaway posts instead of mentioning great products I love naturally in the course of posting about my actual life. All of this coupled with the mid winter blah’s added up to writer’s Block!

Awesome for me is found in my tinkering with computer stuff, dealing with my insane cat, enjoying great food, checking out bath/beauty products, the fun I have on Twitter. Unmarketing’s speech drove it all home to me. Awesome is the cool stuff I think & do, the products are just props of a life well lived.  Getting back into my life, making sure I have balance is helping me get my groove back!

Has your Awesome vanished?

Do you sit down to write only to be confronted with the fact that every word you produced wasn’t working? Have you ever found yourself almost afraid to blog? Please, come in, pull up a seat and share your experiences!


FTC: I was not compensated in any way for this post by @unmarketing ,he is a friend who provided inspiration for this post.