Using Motivational Quotes to reach Twitter Followers?

An increasing number of folks in social media appear to be using using motivational quotes as a way to reach twitter followers & maximize their social media impact. Heck there are even sites that offer  tips to get people retweeting   that include recommendations as well as links to tools to generate automate quotes from your twitter account.My thoughts on this issue are kind of mixed for the following reasons.

1. Folks like @tonyrobbins & Deepak Chopra  use motivational tweets & quotes really well, they provide much inspiration & soul food for their followers… BUT ..motivating people is what these folks do for a living! Such tweets are totally in line with what they do, the contribution they bring to the social media party.

2. Automated Tweets- I totally get why increasing numbers of brands are using automated tweets, however understanding the business reasons for this doesn’t equate with getting it on an emotional level. Isn’t Twitter about actively talking with, engaging with others, if so what place do automated tweet bots have at the party?

3.Keeping it real- if motivational life coaching is your day job then, IMHO using such quotes on twitter is showing your real self to your followers but most of us aren’t life coaches, spiritual leaders,famous writers or poets,relying too heavily on inspirational quotes can begin to make a person’s tweets seem forced & artificial .

I’m an average bear, when I stumble to my computer to greet my followers and am confronted with Emerson at 6am I don’t feel motivated, I feel rather inadequate as here’s a person tweeting Emerson  & I’m trying to get coffee into my mouth without spilling it all over my keyboard. I sit there trying to come up with my own motivational quote to greet my followers with & am frankly stumped, why? because aside from the occasional toast at a party I don’t walk around actually quoting famous people! & if I started doing so people who know me would laugh me right out of the room! Smile

Summing it up

My favorite way to greet my followers in the morning? I just say “Good morning Twitter” Occasionally I’ll quote Tony the tiger “It’s gonna be a great Day”.Simple? yes but real, directly from my keyboard & not some autobot.

What do you think?

What do you think of using Motivational Quotes to reach Twitter Followers ? What are your thoughts on the use of automated services that deliver inspirational quotes to the Twitter stream? Please, let me know your thoughts and observations!