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Back in the days when my son would have to wrestle his gaming controller from me I figured I was just a geekish freak, not like other mothers. Things have changed these days though as I’ve learned from my dear friend Monica Vila over at the online mom who has graciously provided me with this guest post reviewing the Xbox 360 with kinect to share with all of you. You can also follow Monica on Twitter @Theonlinemom

Moms love the Xbox 360 as much as their kids!

by TheOnlineMom


Unless you live in a cave, you’ve probably seen quite a few commercials for Kinect for Xbox 360 this holiday season, along with many more ads for games that you must buy for your kids.

If you’re like me, it’s all just a little overwhelming. What is Kinect anyway? What’s all the hype about? How much is this thing going to set me back? And after I drop a few hundred bucks on it, isn’t it just going to turn my kids into little gaming zombies who will never enjoy the great outdoors again?

It makes me want to pretend that all this new technology doesn’t exist and that a deck of cards has the same excitement. Except we all know that will never work. And my “cool mom” status, if I ever achieved it, would receive a serious setback. So I did a little research to help myself – and maybe a few other moms – decide whether or not to take the Xbox leap.

I’ve learned two things in the past few weeks:

1) video games are not what they used to be, and

2) I now want a Kinect as much as my kids do (although I’ll never tell them that)!

The Xbox 360 is unlike any other video game system: It’s not just a gaming console, it’s a complete entertainment hub. And as Microsoft likes to say, with Kinect: “You are the controller.” You just stand up, give the cute little fellow on the screen a wave hello and you’re in the game.

And imagine the possibilities now that you can talk to your TV! I’ve been waiting years for this moment. Now, under the guise of the holidays, I can pretend to be buying this for my kids, who will praise me as the best mom in the world when they open that box!

I also found out that there are actually a lot of great games for Kinect that don’t involve shooting aliens or stealing cars (two things not on the list of priorities to teach my children).

If you have little ones, there’s Once Upon a Monster – a cute Sesame Street adventure – and Kinectimals Now With Bears, which teaches your child to care for a baby cat and bear cubs. If they’re older, they can explore the entire Disneyland park and even hug characters like Mickey in Kinect: Disneyland Adventures, or they can burn a few calories with Kinect Sports 2.

And if you’re looking for a way to keep your teens under your watch at home without them hating you, may I recommend Dance Central 2, the latest in the series of “go-ahead-and-try-to-dance-like-the-pros-on-the-screen” games. Sure, it’s fun for teens – it’s even more fun when you invite over your least coordinated friends and add a bottle of wine! Plus, I’m hearing rumors about Kinect Star Wars coming next year where you can actually be the Jedi!

And then there’s the fact that this thing has YouTube and Netflix and Facebook and a host of other entertainment options. I could go on and on but that’s for another post. For now, take my word for it – get a Kinect and Xbox 360 while you can steal a holiday bargain, and convince your kids it’s all because you love them that much!


I’ve seen the Kinect in action it’s fabulous, it offers tons of of fun for the entire family. I hope you’ve enjoyed this review as much as I have & that it will inspire you to check out the kinect & cruise on over to The Onlinemom for more family friendly tech tips, hints and info that you can use to make your family’s life easier!

FTC: I have not been compensated for this post by the online mom or any brand mentioned here, this guest review is being featured here strictly as a service to my readers.

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  1. ellen says:

    Thanks for the great post!

  2. Elkaye says:

    I use to play video games until they were getting extremely difficult. The Kinect does sound like a good way to get the family some exercise though.