10 things this beginner has learned about live blogging

Had my 1st experience covering a brand event yesterday & wanted to share with you the 10 things this beginner learned about Live blogging

Should building your brand require human sacrifice?

In trying to build my brand I’ve been grappling with SEO, growing more confused by the day,wondering if perhaps finding my people would require me to sacrifice a live chicken or something. All that changed this morning when I saw a tweet by Scott stratten  @unmarketing with a link to a post entitled how-scott-stratten-kicked-my-ass by […]

Are my reviews really worth less than $10?

There’s something bothering me here & I really need to write about this to get it off my chest. At the recent BlogHer10 conference there were many great companies that purchased booth space for which I am very grateful! Follow up emails are now starting to stream in from various brands, respectful, fun emails for […]

Don’t be THAT Brand!

I understand that companies have PR budgets, I know that marketing is a serious, complex business involving many charts, graphs & the oft touted “demographics” However I recently had an experience that’s left me feeling unsettled, at the request of my young adult son, I reached out to a brand he loves. Now, I seldom […]