Samsung Galaxy Note 3 | A Totally Entertaining Experience

Spending much of January sick in bed has forced me to focus on things that entertain.The folks at Samsung were kind enough to send me a Galaxy Note 3 for review. I’ve always loved Samsung phones but the feature rich, robust nature of the Note 3 surprised and delighted me. This phone is so strong it’s replaced my old tablet!  Just want to give you a quick look at a few device settings and the new apps  I’ve been enjoying as part of a month long totally entertaining experience with this powerful phone.

Verizon Galaxy Note 3

Reading Mode – Adjust the screens of your favorite apps to optimize your screen for longer reading sessions with less eye strain!  Head into to settings>Display> screen> reading mode, turn on Reading Mode, then tap on the reading mode option, on the next screen tap on the pen icon in the upper right corner, a list will pop up of your apps, select the apps you want. The screen will optimize when you enter your app and revert back to normal when you exit.

Reading Mode


Kindle App

Block Mode – The Galaxy Note 3 provides you with a setting that’s basically an electronic “do not disturb” sign. Select times to block notifications and calls while still allowing emergency calls from people you’ve listed to get through. This was a lifesaver when I was trying to rest and recover.   Access Blocking mode is easy, head into settings> Blocking Mode  to chose your preferences. After you’ve done all that, just do a two finger swipe down on your notification drawer located at the top of your screen, then select the pen icon and follow the instructions to add the Block Mode to your notification drawer for quicker access.

Blocking Mode

WatchON™ – This app is pure genius, it’s a universal remote control complete with a TV guide, this app gets smarter as you use it and will even suggest shows and movies you might enjoy. Best of all, WatchON is free


Maze Racer – The Galaxy Note 3 comes equipped with an S-Pen and this app is a fun way to get more skilled by using it to draw your way through different mazes. The app is free but you do have the option to buy more levels. Grab Maze Racer over at Google Play

maze racer

Real Racing 3 – The screen on the Note 3 provides for stunning 5.7” full HD Super AMOLED viewing pleasure. There aren’t enough words to tell you how beautiful movies and games look on this phone. Real Racing is a lot of fun, the game features highly detailed real cars and tracks. Thanks to the Note 3’s 3GB of ram, game play is smooth, no lag. Real Racing 3 offers a lot of in app purchase option but you can get a lot of enjoyment via the basic, free version

real racing


Real Racing 3

focus@will – A music service based on neuroscience that promises to boost your productivity by up to 400% something I needed while battling illness fatigue. There are 3 levels of access, unregistered guests can quickly check out the app, registering for a personal account is free & gets you more music, a pro account will set you back $3.99 a month or $34.99 for a year and promises to customize the system to work best for you. Why not try it?



The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has too many wonderful features to list in a single post but I can assure you it is indeed “The Next Big Thing” and it really made being sick in bed a lot more tolerable! My friends at Verizon currently have the Galaxy Note 3 available for  $249.99 with a 2 year contract or $27.15 per month with Verizon Edge. Why not check it out, see if #Thenextbigthing should become part of your life.

Disclosure: I receive certain benefits for my participation in the Verizon Insider Program. Galaxy Note 3 was provided for review courtesy of Samsung.

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Jean Parks is a chocolate & cupcake loving, computer & gadget addict from Boston, MA


  1. Kirsten says:

    So far, I’m finding the phone challenging. But not because of the phone, it’s the Android system itself. Yet I am so glad you mentioned WatchON. I LOVE that app!!

  2. Mitch says:

    Your review is delicious! So clear and crisp and written for us non techs!

  3. Jean Parks says:

    Kirsten, I amused myself by taking the phone into my bedroom & changing the channels on our Samsung TV in our great room while my husband and son were watching. LOL, they couldn’t figure out what was going on till I busted out laughing. WatchON is awesome :)

  4. Jean Parks says:

    Mitch, I always hate when people assume I know how to do something and figure a lot of other people feel the same way. Samsung has buried a lot of premium features in the settings, I want everybody to get the most out of this phone.

  5. I’m a Samsung fan and have been since the first one. Have been thinking about upgrading to the Note and bookmarked this to look at again when I’m not trying to do 100 things. Thanks!

  6. Really am intrigued by the sound (no pun intended!) of focus@will, intriguing. Very comprehensive review.

  7. What a great review Jean. Makes me what one!

  8. I don’t care about games, but those other features sound wonderful, especially the music and Block ones.

  9. Haralee says:

    I like the do not disturb feature. I have enjoyed by phone Galaxy 3 so your review piques my interest to look at the tablet. Thanks

  10. My son has been after me to get the Note- that Do Not Disturb app has me almost convinced. Gracias.

  11. My husband has the Note. I have the S4. I don’t think I’d switch, but he definitely loves his. I’m an S3 fan, so getting my hands on the S4 was excellent for me. It’s been flawlessly easy to use!

  12. Jean, Thanks for the great information as we are shopping for a new phone. You are truly an insightful tech expert!

    All the best,

  13. Jean Parks says:

    Alexandra, Samsung has added a ton of super useful, free goodies in the settings :)

  14. Jean Parks says:

    Andrea, the S4 is also a great phone, glad to see you guys are also a Samsung family :)