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You folks have indicated that you like hearing about other great sites, so today  the spotlight is on  Robyn’s Online World the site of the week! I like this site not only because of the honest product reviews (written in plain English) & generous giveaways but also because Robyn is really funny & not afraid to try new ways to engage her reader’s. Her Daily mug shot, frequent Vlogs as well as her blogging for charity are site features that have me returning to her site again & again.



Here’s a bit about Robyn,along with pic, taken with her permission from her site bio

“My blog has been a fun adventure since June of 2008. I have really enjoyed interacting with my readers and sharing about my life. I know many blogs are put into categories, but I really don’t like to label myself as one certain thing. Writing on the blog is about my life which is multidimensional – it’s not just about me, being a mom to a teenage boy, being a wife, being a homemaker, being a foodie, being a geek, being a pet owner – instead it is all of those things rolled into one nice package. If you are reading Robyn’s Online World you are immersed in whatever it is that has struck my fancy that day.”

Just want to add here that I had the pleasure of spending time with this warm, generous woman at BlogHer10 in NYC this past summer. Robyn is the real deal, she is in real life just as she is online, no fancy airs, no phony crap, she’s straight up, no hidden agenda’s, a refreshing treat of a person, someone I’m proud to call my friend!

  • You can check Robyn out on her site which is linked above
  • you can also follow her on Twitter @Robynsworld
  • You can check her out on Facebook

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FTC: I received no compensation or consideration of any sort for this post. My relation with Robyn is that of a personal friend

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  1. I too enjoy Robyn’s site! Thanks for sharing…….

  2. Ellen says:

    LOVE Robyn! The other thing I like about her site is she doesn’t mess it up with tons of ‘heavy’ ads or whatever. The pages are easy to navigate and it is always easy to leave comments.
    There are a few bloggers I really like ( follow them on Twitter) but their blogs are so heavy with stuff, I never comment because my computer freezes up or it takes 20 minutes to say anything.

  3. shoppinqueen says:

    Ellen, I can’t speak for Robyn but I can say that site owners want our pages to be fast loading,easy to navigate. I love seeing your always upbeat comments on my posts & would hate to think I missed out on gaining readers as wonderful as you are all because my site was cumbersome!

    Btw, Robyn has a nice Infusium hair care giveaway going on now, check it out!

  4. Robyn Wright of Robyn's Online World says:

    Hey – that’s me!!!!! Your words are too kind – I’m so glad to have you as a friend both online and IRL! {{{HUGS}}}

  5. abitnerdy says:

    Yay! Robin! Love her site!!