Pretzel Crisps serves up respect to bloggers!

While checking my Twitter mentions I came across a tweet from a company called Pretzel Crisps they wanted my address in order to send me some free snacks. Now, such offers aren’t unusual for bloggers but the experience that followed most certainly was.

Pretzel Crisps Snack Angel
Pretzel Crisps Snack Angel



I checked out the company’s tastefully done website & yummy Facebook page noted that these snacks contain 0 trans fat & are fairly low in calories & shot them back a DM with my addie .I figured a few snacks might arrive in the mail in a week or two accompanied by standard pitch material. Wrong! It gets better, they DM me back, ask if I’d like my snacks that evening, would it be okay if they delivered them to me ….

Within one hour this lovely snack angel arrived on my doorstep arms laden with snack bags for me! LOL, ok she’s already probably won herself a mention in my will at this point but it gets even better….

Serving up Respect!

Pretzel Crisps asked me if I had a favorite charity, a group that could benefit from the provision of some free snacks. I suggested my very favorite charity The Asperger’s Association of New England a non-profit group that provides social groups & functions for teens & adults on the spectrum. Was able to introduce them on Twitter as well and some nice folks will have some snacking love heading their way!

This was tasty PR served up beautifully

These snacks are totally tasty & they were made even better by the fact that this company took the time to actually know a bit about me as a blogger,their outreach was totally in keeping with this site’s focus on finer living.The rep made me feel special by hand delivering their products & they honored me by donating to my favorite charity. Pretzel Crisps scored a home run with me, left me deeply impressed with the quality of their products & of the care & concern they have in terms of customer service!

Have you had PR served up well?

As a blogger or journalist have you experienced PR that was so elegantly delivered that you wanted to tell everybody you know? Come on in, put the spotlight on brands that got it right!

Btw, Tuscan Three Cheese,Garlic Parmesan & Classic are my fav’s Smile

FTC: I was provided with snacks by Pretzel Crisps without obligation to write a review of any kind, I have no ongoing relationship with this company and received no other compensation. The opinions expressed here are my own.