The OnlineMom needs your support

The OnlineMom website is run by my dear friend and mentor Monica. Day after day she provides  tech information for parents as well as hosting fabulously informative and fun parties on Twitter @theonlinemom. Monica works tirelessly to try to keep parents alerted to potential issues and dangers associated with cell phones, social media platforms and video games. The Onlinemom is also a rich source of easy to digest tech info,useful to consumers as they try to sift through the vast sea of choices available in technology today.

2011 Reader’s Choice Awards Nomination

Monica’s site has been nominated for the 2011 Reader’s Choice Award for the best live and learn parenting blog, a title I feel she richly deserves , I’d love it if you take a look at her site, say howdy to her on Twitter and if you like what you see head on over to the awesome and vote for her!

Editing this to tell you folks that I’ve spent time with Monica, the amount of tech reading and product testing this woman does to keep us all in the loop on what’s happening in tech is staggering. Female tech bloggers are IMHO the bridge to the end user, Monica’s site provides a huge service to parents and goes a long way towards taking mystery and confusion out of today’s technology for the end user!

FTC: I am a contributing blogger for the I was not compensated for nor required in any way to write this post.