The Motorola Deck by Sol Republic Rocks

I recently attended a Verizon Wireless event in Boston and the company gifted me with a Deck Bluetooth speaker made by Sol Republic and Motorola.  Please know that though Verizon regularly sends me review items, I was under no obligation to review the Deck as it was a gift. There are many wireless Bluetooth speaker solutions on the market and I must confess to having been a bit skeptical about why this particularly device is priced at $199. After getting it home and using it for a couple of weeks, I think the Motorola Deck by Sol Republic rocks! I love it and wanted to tell you why I think it’s worth every penny!

Motorola Sol Republic Deck Speaker

Motorola Sol Republic Deck Speaker


Quick Specs Via Verizon

  • Projects music to every angle, giving you great 360-degree sound
  • Take turns controlling the music by pairing up to five devices at once
  • Use Outdoor Mode to boost sound so you can hear farther away
  • Stream your music up to 150 feet away with Super-Power Wireless
  • Seamlessly switch from playing tunes to talking with friends using speakerphone


Here’s a quick video to give you a closer look at the deck


Things I Love

Compatibility –  Officially works with 47 different devices including ios, android, Blackberry and the new Nokia Lumia Windows tablet
Form Factor – Deck is small enough to carry in a large coat pocket and slips easily into my purse.
Ease of use – The Deck actually speaks, telling you when the device is ready to pair!
Sound Sync – A lot of wireless speakers do a decent job with music but have a slight pause when you try to pair them in order to stream a movie or TV show. The Deck delivers awesome, rich sound without pauses!
Build Quality –  The bottom has a great grip so you can be sure it won’t be knocked over easily if you place it on a shelf at a party or on a picnic table at an outdoor gathering.
Sound Quality –  I watch a lot of streaming videos and TV shows, Deck gives me full, rich sound. The bass is pretty impressive for such a small device.
Sound range – I can leave my phone or tablet in a safe, stable location and just carry the Deck with me from room to room as I clean house or outdoors when we BBQ.
NFC Capable – In addition to Bluetooth pairing owners of NFC capable phones just need to tap the Deck and they’ve got sound!
Heist Mode – This is a ton of fun at parties!

Final Impressions

The Deck is a sturdy speaker that delivers high quality sound for both music and videos. The speaker works with a huge number of devices and it’s easy to use. I think the Deck rocks and give it my Editor’s choice award for being a great sound accessory gift for the entire family! The deck is currently available in Red, green or Graphite for $199. If you want to know more about the Motorola Deck and it’s features head on over to the new Verizon Wireless Accessory store


My thanks again to Verizon for this amazing speaker and thanks to you for allowing me to share more #vzwbuzz

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  1. “sounds” like a great product! :-)

  2. This sounds great. I am very familiar with their headphones but I haven’t seen this yet.