Leukemia,Crayons and Chemotherapy

“L is for Leukemia” is site devoted to chronicling the journey of 5 yr old Aidan and his family as Aidan battles Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) with chemotherapy and amazingly enough crayons! You can check out the site here Aid for Aiden

The Monster

Leukemia.. a word that strikes fear in every parent’s heart, a word that   5 yr old Aidan’s parents Wylie and Katie heard on the day that Aidan was diagnosed with  Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) in Sept of 2010. Per the website Aidan will face 2-3 yrs of chemotherapy, a long battle for such a tiny boy and his family.

Creativity and Courage

The truly beautiful thing here is how quickly this little boy and  his family have rallied, added some other words beginning  with the letter “C” to the the mix, those words being creativity, cheerfulness..and courage. You see Aiden loves scary things, he has a passion for monsters that would do Stephen King proud! This happy little fellow loves to draw, his specialty is monsters and he pursues his art with amazing zest! Aiden has his own Etsy shop where prints (and some originals ) of his work are sold. The proceeds for these sales are used to help defray the costs of  treatment! You can check out this talented little artist’s work here Aidens Monsters

A battle fought with Crayons and Chemotherapy

I was moved to tears by the this little boy’s story,this child is battling the monster that is Leukemia  not only with with chemotherapy but also with the magnificent monsters he produces with his crayons ! Truly, a lesson in courage for us all

Let’s Help Aidan remember that L is also for Love

A special note here: I also have a passion for all things monster related and figure this website could use a print or two from Aidan shop, I’d welcome suggestions from all of you as to which items you thing would go best on the siteSmile

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  1. Robyn Wright of Robyn's Online World says:

    What an awesome story! I’m off to visit his Etsy shop right now!

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