Joyous Yule! | Winter Solstice

Joyous Yule!  the wheel of the year turns once again and Winter Solstice begins here in Boston at  6:12am EST on Dec 21st 2012. The sun, returning to us with it’s promise of the longer days of spring has always felt like such a season of hope & renewal that I just wanted to take a minute here to share it with you. I wish you & your loved ones a very happy, joyous holiday & thank you all for being in my life.The solstice is the shortest day of the year and the longest night! Here’s a neat overview of what Winter Solstice is and some traditional Yule customs

A Time of Reflection

Another year has passed, the days grow shorter and darker, the Yule is a time to take stock where have you been? who have you helped? how have you grown? It is also a bitter sweet time, a place to remember those loved ones no longer with us.

A Time of renewal

We don’t have a real working fireplace here so we cannot follow the tradition of writing our New Year’s resolutions on paper strips, wrapping them around acorns and throwing them into the Yule fire, but we can & do write them down & burn them in a special ceramic bowl we keep for such occasions.

A Time of Celebration

As we huddle together awaiting the return of the sun, we light up the night with fire! Tradition calls for us to pick the biggest,greenest oak log we can find because the Yule celebration lasts only as long as the fire burns. It is also considered better to find or be gifted with your Yule log rather than to buy one. In this I am lucky, my husband purchased an electric fireplace for me, our Yule Party is sort of like the Energizer Bunny it just keeps, going and goingSmile

Blessed Yule to you and yours!

As people everywhere begin the countdown to the their holiday celebrations,I want to take this time to wish each of my readers a very Joyous Yule, each of you has brought so many blessings into my life, I am humbled & grateful for all the love you’ve shown me! I leave you now with one of my favorite Winter Solstice pieces of music!   Blessed Be!


FTC:I have not been compensated in any way for this post , Joyous Yule| Winter Solstice is an informative holiday greeting for my readers.

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