Helping a Friend Get More Everything with Verizon Wireless

A few months ago my friends at Verizon Wireless gave me a phone and told me to share it with someone who I feel makes a difference in the lives of others. Meet my friend Elaine, she raised her own two kids, provided care for both of her parents before they passed on and is now rearing a niece & two nephews. Elaine is the person everybody brings their troubles to (including me) she’s always there to lend a suitcase, give you a ride or bring in a crock pot meal. Elaine has been a long time Verizon customer and was finding that her basic phone just wasn’t cutting it anymore but she was afraid to upgrade, worried that a smartphone would be difficult to learn to use. Now that a couple of months have passed I’d like to share her impressions about the experience.

Verizon chose the Lucid 2 for Elaine because it has a starter mode, the simplified menus and easy instructions (along with help from her teenagers;) made stepping up from her basic phone a lot easier. The phone sports a bright, clear 4.3 inch screen, big enough to be productive but not overwhelming to someone used to the compact size of a basic phone. When Elaine went into the VZW store the rep was able to activate the phone, transferred all her pics and contact info. We were both impressed with how patient and kind the rep was during the entire process. At the time, Elaine also had her eldest niece on her plan. The rep put together a new plan that was actually cheaper than what she’d been paying. Elaine then surrendered her old basic phone to Hopeline to assist domestic violence survivors.

LG lucid 2

LG lucid 2


I see Elaine several times a week and as time went on I was delighted to hear her impressions. ” Being able to take and store so many pictures is amazing” “Oh boy, I have Facebook now” “I can lie on my bed now playing games” “putting everything in my Google calendar makes everything so easy!” I asked Elaine if she had a piece of advice for anyone thinking of upgrading to a smartphone.

“Don’t be afraid, you can learn each feature as you need it, have fun playing with the phone, get help from Verizon online or at the free workshops they hold at the store”

Getting More

Elaine came running up to me a couple days ago excited, her account had been automatically switched over to Verizon’s new More Plan, she had more data for FREE, plus 25GB of secure Verizon data storage and free global messaging! Elaine was so pleased she took her two nephews to the store and treated them each to an iPhone 5C. Elaine says “it was time, they’re great kids and the new More plan works for us”  I had to laugh when Elaine informed me that she prefers her Lucid 2 ” the iPhone? eh? I’m not impressed”  LOL, a couple of months with an android and she’s now a smartphone snob :)

I was so happy to be able to assist Elaine, so honored to be her friend and I’m really grateful to Verizon for making this happen for her.  The LG Lucid 2 is currently available for 99 cents with a 2 yr contract! You might also want to check out Verizon’s new More Everything plan see if it works for you and your family.

Verizon More Everything

Disclosure: As member of a pretty cool team of influencers, I received a Lucid 2 to give to Elaine from Verizon, no other compensation was provided to myself or Elaine.

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  1. This is really awesome. So great that you could do this for her, and that they did this so you could!

  2. What a nice thing to do. I think Hopeline is also a great way to give back.

  3. Kudos to Elaine for being such a force for good in the world (and for your wisdom in seeing that and supporting her).

  4. Sounds like Elaine and her Lucid are a terrific match. So glad you got to play Yenta for them!

  5. I love that you didn’t just use and critique the phone itself, but were charged with giving it to someone deserving.

    My son’s been telling me that he needs a new phone. He’s going to college next year so I want him set up with everything he needs. We’ll be checking this out in the Verizon store.

  6. Andrea says:

    I love this! Love that you gave the phone to someone!

  7. Great phone, and how great to swag your friend!

  8. It’s so much fun to open the world for someone. What a wonderful gift!!

  9. blogomomma says:

    Great post Jean! Really love that Elaine donated her phone – so important. Hope she has MORE fun with MORE everything!