5 Brands That Nailed It at BlogHer 12

I’ve posted some general impressions of Blogher 12, now I’d like to focus on 5 brands who nailed it! There were many great sponsors at the conference but the companies listed below truly went out of their way to present their products in a terrific manner to bloggers. The Companies mentioned below are listed in random order & their position in this post is not intended to be any sort of ranking system.

Starbucks – These folks held small VIP sessions where they presented their upcoming single cup Verismo®  systems that will allow you to make espresso based beverages, easily & conveniently at home or in the office. The suite was well appointed, the entire new line of coffee machines were set up & expertly demonstrated. Afterwards we  we were encouraged to try the machines to brew our own drinks. A lively discussion of the new product line & best coffee practices ensued. Follow  @Starbucks for more info.

Hands on with the new Starbucks Verismo®

Hands on with the new Starbucks Verismo®


starbucks barista

Yes! I had my own Barista!

Texas Instruments – TI held a private breakfast to allow a group of us to get hands on time with their TI – nspire CX calculator. The presentation made my heart sing ! Each of us had a folder at our place setting chock full of info along with a calculator equipped with WiFi hat & temperature probe set up & ready to go. The two gentlemen presenting were both teachers & reviewed features of the device, fielded questions & did so with warmth & humor. Check them out on Twitter @TICalulators

Samsung – There are very few brands that exemplify the phrase “go big or go home” better than Samsung. Last year I expressed the opinion that of all the OEM’s, Samsung had done the best job of engaging with consumers & interacting in social media via their Twitter accounts & my opinion was reinforced by their booth at Blogher this year.

Samsung Booth at BlogHer 12

Samsung Booth at BlogHer 12

Samsung brought ALL the smart appliances to the BlogHer yard! A Smart TV that you can control with simple hand gestures, smart washers, dryers & stoves! Of course, my focus was on the TV and yes the phones! I am a well known phone Ho & the reps indulged me with lots of talk about the exciting features of the Samsung Galaxy S® III, what was even better was that I was allowed to hold & interact with devices. Check out all the Samsung Smart coolness you can also follow @Samsungtweets for more personal interaction.

Microsoft Windows – Microsoft is no stranger to social media & is well known within the space for working with bloggers. This year they held a makeover contest in the weeks prior to Blogher, Winners were announced at the conference & treated to a lavish style make over that included Windows PC’s.

Microsoft Windows Booth

Yes, Microsoft came armed :)

The greatly anticipated Microsoft Surface tablets were sadly not available for display but MS came fully armed to the party nonetheless with a nice range of PC’s with impressive muscle. You might want to visit The Windows Blog & follow @Kristinalibby & @BenthePCGuy for news about all thing Windows. Btw, Ben does wonderful video product reviews.

Chuck E. Cheese – I don’t have little kids & make jokes all the time about how this place is like heaven for kids & hell for adults. However,this company gets social & over the last year I’ve developed a great humorous relationship with the tweeps running the brand’s twitter account. I like these people a lot, they had a fun booth at Blogher & enjoy a fine, well deserved reputation with parents. Follow them on twitter. @chuckecheese

What’s my Takeaway

I received a calculator & a coffee mug from my interactions with the companies named above, no great big mounds of “Swag” My take?  being able to have hands on time with products & get technical information from knowledgeable reps is like gold. As a human being & a consumer, being social, developing an actual relationship with a company gives those brands my full attention. These 5 brands nailed it at Blogher 12!


The Lorax

The Lorax

And yes, sometimes a hug is the best swag of all :)


FTC: I was given a calculator a coffee mug & a hug at a trade show,  I wasn’t required to write about any of the companies listed here & received no compensation for this post.

About Jean Parks

Jean Parks is a chocolate & cupcake loving, computer & gadget addict from Boston, MA


  1. ellen says:

    Great article- and I think the Lorax is a lil sweet on ya Jean :)

  2. Jean Parks says:

    Ellen, It was really hard to make a list of the top 5 brands, there a lot of great brands at the conference this year. And hugging the Lorax was a highpoint of the weekend :)

  3. When I visited with Samsung they made me feel like I was supposed to be shopping with them not like we were going to form a PR relationship which is why I was there. The person didn’t seem to have any interest with working with bloggers.

    I missed my appointment with Starbucks. That was Sat. morning – the morning I got sick :(

  4. Noni says:

    Those were all my favorite too! Loved, loved, loved Starbucks and Samsung. I never got to really experience the Windows booth because folks there were always busy when I walked by.
    I will be in my office writing with my big Chuck E Cheese pen like I’m 6 with no shame.

  5. Jean Parks says:

    Jennifer, At the booth I was focused more on the tech stuff & thought the reps were great! I do know that Samsung does indeed work with Bloggers though I am not privy to what their criteria is, I’d imagine they run different programs for tech reviewers, lifestyle & family focused bloggers based on their PR needs. Why not follow @samsungtweets & inquire?

    Sorry you got sick! :(

  6. trisha says:

    samsungs PR is really great..l i wasnt on site, but working with them on the Smart TV campaign and they are qucik and professional on questions I ask.

  7. I didn’t say they weren’t great. The Samsung people were very nice, polite, etc. I just felt like a customer at Best Buy looking for a new fridge versus a media partner in an expo hall if that makes sense. I wasn’t interested in buying I was interested in a partnership. Those are two different things. I don’t feel as though I was reaching as I’ve reviewed major appliances in the past with other brands.

  8. Jean Parks says:

    Hi Jennifer, I totally get that you didn’t say Samsung isn’t great, what you say is that your experience was different than mine & that is perfectly fine to do! Here’s hoping the peeps at the brand will read this & reach out to you:)

  9. The Samsung booth was amazing, but when I went some of the reps didn’t know answers to simple questions at the various stations, which was a little disappointing. I should have gone to the booth with you!

  10. Jean Parks says:

    Kerri, I didn’t have that problem probably because I read about specs on a lot of devices everyday.. but then, I am sort of a freak ;) reach out to @samsungtweets they are really responsive

  11. I appreciate the interactivity of the Samsung booth but I was there at the same time as The Maven. The rep coudln’t tell me what the upgrades are from the Galaxy S phone and the Galaxy 3 other than the 3 has “all the bells and whistles.” I asked what they were and she couldn’t tell me or direct me to anyone who could answer my question. Since your informational experience was different than mine, it’s possible the folks who could answer those questions were on a break (I get it. I’ve done trade shows too. They are fun but hard work.) If you are a brand/PR person reading this, iIn the future, it would be more helpful if your booth staffing schedule has a PR person to answer Blogger Partnership questions and a brand person to answer any in depth product/company questions working the booth at all times.

  12. Jenna says:

    I liked some of those as well! The Lorax really made my day. I also liked the non-stop cooking at the HIllshire Farm booth. Both my chef and the representative that talked to us and explained everything were super nice!

  13. Jean Parks says:

    Jenna, The cooking at the Hillshire Farm booth was terrific! Seriously the best food I’ve ever had in a trade show hall!

  14. Winnie says:

    I enjoyed the Hillshire Farms both, and the polite people there. I had to chuckle when a much younger woman stopped me to have “the 2nd talk”…Was flashing a lot, so I must have looked like I needed the cooking gel. I just picked up some today. Land O’Lakes booth was another favorite of mine. Loved their recipes and the Pioneer Woman took pictures with everyone. So very gracious.

  15. I thought Samsung did a great job, but my personal fave was Pfizer. I got to dance with the Rockettes and get a nice head/neck massage. The best swag was creating the experiences, IMHO.

  16. Love this post you hit the nail on the head for sure.