5 Brands That Nailed It at BlogHer 12

I’ve posted some general impressions of Blogher 12, now I’d like to focus on 5 brands who nailed it! There were many great sponsors at the conference but the companies listed below truly went out of their way to present their products in a terrific manner to bloggers. The Companies mentioned below are listed in random order & their position in this post is not intended to be any sort of ranking system.

Starbucks – These folks held small VIP sessions where they presented their upcoming single cup Verismo®  systems that will allow you to make espresso based beverages, easily & conveniently at home or in the office. The suite was well appointed, the entire new line of coffee machines were set up & expertly demonstrated. Afterwards we  we were encouraged to try the machines to brew our own drinks. A lively discussion of the new product line & best coffee practices ensued. Follow  @Starbucks for more info.

Hands on with the new Starbucks Verismo®
Hands on with the new Starbucks Verismo®


starbucks barista
Yes! I had my own Barista!

Texas Instruments – TI held a private breakfast to allow a group of us to get hands on time with their TI – nspire CX calculator. The presentation made my heart sing ! Each of us had a folder at our place setting chock full of info along with a calculator equipped with WiFi hat & temperature probe set up & ready to go. The two gentlemen presenting were both teachers & reviewed features of the device, fielded questions & did so with warmth & humor. Check them out on Twitter @TICalulators

Samsung – There are very few brands that exemplify the phrase “go big or go home” better than Samsung. Last year I expressed the opinion that of all the OEM’s, Samsung had done the best job of engaging with consumers & interacting in social media via their Twitter accounts & my opinion was reinforced by their booth at Blogher this year.

Samsung Booth at BlogHer 12
Samsung Booth at BlogHer 12

Samsung brought ALL the smart appliances to the BlogHer yard! A Smart TV that you can control with simple hand gestures, smart washers, dryers & stoves! Of course, my focus was on the TV and yes the phones! I am a well known phone Ho & the reps indulged me with lots of talk about the exciting features of the Samsung Galaxy S® III, what was even better was that I was allowed to hold & interact with devices. Check out all the Samsung Smart coolness you can also follow @Samsungtweets for more personal interaction.

Microsoft Windows – Microsoft is no stranger to social media & is well known within the space for working with bloggers. This year they held a makeover contest in the weeks prior to Blogher, Winners were announced at the conference & treated to a lavish style make over that included Windows PC’s.

Microsoft Windows Booth
Yes, Microsoft came armed :)

The greatly anticipated Microsoft Surface tablets were sadly not available for display but MS came fully armed to the party nonetheless with a nice range of PC’s with impressive muscle. You might want to visit The Windows Blog & follow @Kristinalibby & @BenthePCGuy for news about all thing Windows. Btw, Ben does wonderful video product reviews.

Chuck E. Cheese – I don’t have little kids & make jokes all the time about how this place is like heaven for kids & hell for adults. However,this company gets social & over the last year I’ve developed a great humorous relationship with the tweeps running the brand’s twitter account. I like these people a lot, they had a fun booth at Blogher & enjoy a fine, well deserved reputation with parents. Follow them on twitter. @chuckecheese

What’s my Takeaway

I received a calculator & a coffee mug from my interactions with the companies named above, no great big mounds of “Swag” My take?  being able to have hands on time with products & get technical information from knowledgeable reps is like gold. As a human being & a consumer, being social, developing an actual relationship with a company gives those brands my full attention. These 5 brands nailed it at Blogher 12!


The Lorax

The Lorax

And yes, sometimes a hug is the best swag of all :)


FTC: I was given a calculator a coffee mug & a hug at a trade show,  I wasn’t required to write about any of the companies listed here & received no compensation for this post.