Grandma Sez So blog needs our help!

Laurie Harrison, over at  Grandma sez so blog needs our help achieving some finer living for her family and all it will take is a quick vote! She entered the CSN Stores, You, and My Quest For A Mo-Betta-Bathroom (potty-please) there  were over 9,000 entries in the CSN Stores Green and Clean Bathroom Makeover Essay Contest. A panel of judges  has narrowed it down to just 89 finalists competing for public votes to help determine the winner of the $10,000 Green and Clean makeover. Laurie is one of those finalists!

Why does Laurie want to win?

Their bathroom is 50+ years old, it leaks and has little heat. The Harrison’s use a wood pellet stove to heat their Wyoming home but it’s not enough to keep the pipes thawed in the bathroom. They’ve resorted to using an 800 watt space heater to keep things from freezing up. Not only is this unsafe as a long term solution IMHO but it’s also wicked expensive!

Laurie and her husband have been attempting to update their home beginning to fix a leaky room, putting on new siding .Then the economy forced the company that Mr. Harrison is employed at to do major cutbacks,this along with tuition bills for their son’s first year of college have derailed seriously needed repairs

Winning this contest, rebuilding this family’s bathroom would increase their comfort level along with being safer. The installation of eco-friendly fixtures, would also be greener, kinder to our planet and would save the Harrison’s considerable money over time,finer living all the way around!

How can you help

Head on over to Laurie’s Entry at the CSN Store Bathroom Makeover contest

The voting process is fairly simple. It is one vote per person. CSN Stores will send an email to validate the vote. It may go to spam or junk mail, so please check for that. All votes are  greatly appreciated by Laurie.

Imho a big part of finer living and fun is supporting others in reaching their goals,supporting their dreams and favorite causes. I appreciate you taking the time to read this and hope you will consider helping Laurie and her family by looking over her entry and giving her your vote..

FTC: I have not been compensated in any manner for this post