Drop the Social Media mask

This question is sparked by a post from the amazing Margie Clayman in which she recounts her dismay over the disgraceful manner in which some folks handled the death of Trey Pennington & how this has greatly dampened her enjoyment of social media & the online world.

As I noted in response to Margie’s post, the virtual world is like a village watering hole where all types gather, all have a thirst to be heard. This thirst leads to a constant stream of positivity emitted from people who fear that they will lose influence should they disclose anything about themselves that’s less than upbeat. Obviously,nobody wants to read a constant stream of woe is me but if you are facing crisis points in your life & don’t feel that you have even one person you can reach out privately to, what the hell good is social media?

Dropping the Mask

Let me drop my mask by admitting that I am  better in text than in real time .When thrust into the spotlight I become an anxious, stuttering idiot or even worse will often say exactly what I’m thinking at the moment. At times these things have caused me to doubt my worth. What about you? Has the frequently artificial cheerfulness of social media left you feeling like you need to wear a mask that often leaves you feeling more isolated & alone than ever before??

Making Real Connections

Fortunately,I’ve grown wise enough to know that I’m not unique,many are shy in real time,  heck, TheBloggess is famous for hiding in the restroom at Blogher. I’m comfy with my geeky social limitations & have been fortunate enough ave  many hands extended to me, social media coaches  Dabney Porte  &  Britt Michaelian my tech mom friend  Robyn Wright & my dear friend & mentor Monica TheOnlineMom  are just a few of the amazing people in my inner circle, people who have proven over time that they are trust worthy, women I known I can confide in during the darkness of a real life crisis.

let’s deepen our connection

Obviously,some info doesn’t belong in open stream & we must use personal disclosure wisely but IMHO if we use social media only to sell things or promote we are cheating ourselves of the opportunity to form real,lasting connections online

Does heading onto Facebook or Twitter ever leave you feeling isolated or less worthy socially than others? Do you fear that disclosing your less than positive traits will result in negative backlash? If crisis happens who can you count on in your online world?  Let’s give some real meaning to the phrase “let’s deepen our connection” by sharing more about ourselves, tell me, who are you ? Let’s drop the social media mask and get to know each other better!