Six Things to Consider When buying Wireless Speakers

When smartphones and tablets were first released, the ability to watch a movie or listen to our favorite album anywhere seemed amazing, even we if had to wear uncomfortable ear buds or if the sound was tinny. As the technology has matured we are all demanding more in terms of sound quality from our smart device accessories. Here are six things to consider before you buy a wireless speaker for your phone or tablet.

Bose SoundLink Mini

Bose SoundLink Mini


* Understand Speaker/ wireless terminologyBluetooth, AirPlay, NFC  are all ways for your tablet or smartphone to connect wirelessly with speakers, headphones and other accessories.

Where will the device be used? Will the speaker remain in one place or will you be carrying it with you to school, work or social functions. A speaker that travels needs to be compact, relatively light and hold a long battery charge. Going camping or to the beach? You’ll be looking for sturdy construction, a non-skid bottom and a rugged carry pouch.

Range – how far can you move the speaker away from your device?

Connectivity– if the speaker is going to be shared with the family, be sure the device is capable of connecting with all of the phones/ tablets in the house.

Design– yes, looks do matter, you’ll soon get sick of a speaker that clashes with the decor in your home office. If your teens are going to be using the device you’ll be looking for a solidly built speaker.

Sound quality – Does the device produce rich tones? Is booming bass important to you? Do your homework, read reviews before you buy.

Extra features – some speakers offer extras like the ability to charge your phone via NFC or come equipped with attractive carrying pouches/ cases.

Your budget – Don’t assume that a big price tag automatically equals great sound, there are some pretty impressive devices in all price ranges.

Bose SoundLink Mini

I jumped for joy when Verizon presented me with the Bose SoundLink Mini for review. Bose is famous for making some of the best speakers in the world and the mini delivers some pretty impressive sound! This speaker gets high marks from me for several reasons.  As a lifestyle reviewer having accessories that work with android, Windows and Apple devices is important and the mini functions beautifully with a wide range of smartphones and tablets.

Things I Liked

Setup – I had the mini connected in seconds flat! Really easy setup!

Compatibility  – I tested the mini on several  different Samsung, HTC, Nokia and Apple devices and it worked nicely on all of them.

Design – The aluminum casing on the mini is sleek & elegant, sure to please even those with the most discerning tastes, this speaker can fit in beautifully in any setting. A softcover is also available for purchase to provide additional protection for the device.

Size –  standing 2 inches high & 7.1 inches wide and weighing only 1.5 pounds,  the mini gets high marks from me, it’s light weight and compact dimensions make it easy to carry everywhere. People at my office were blown away by how much sound this tiny device cranked out.

Sound Quality – I watch a lot of movies in my office and the mini gave me great sound clarity and full, rich tones which really enhanced my movie watching experiences. Minimal distortion here, even when I turned the volume way up.

Battery life – Bose bills the mini as having up to 7 hours battery life on a single charge and I found this to be true in my testing, the device also recharges quickly via the included charging cradle.

Things I’d Like to see

The mini comes with a charger cradle which is one more thing to pack, I’d love the ability to charge the speaker via USB.


If pure sound quality is important to you the Bose SoundLink Mini may be just the speaker you are looking for, the sound clarity, full rich tones, lack of distortion make this speaker a winner in my book. The elegant design, ease of setup, portability and compatibly wins the SoundLink mini a solid two thumbs up from me.

The Bose Soundlink Mini is currently available for $199 with free shipping over at the Verizon Wireless Store, well worth a look to see if it will meet your wireless sound needs. Btw, Verizon Wireless has a great, searchable glossary to help you understand the often confusing lingo presented in wireless product descriptions.

Disclosure: As member of a pretty cool team of Verizon influencers, the #vzwbuzz, I receive devices for review and other benefits.

*image provided courtesy of Verizon Wireless

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  1. Ok, I’ve tried the UE mini boom (that’s my bedside speaker) and the Jawbone mini that Verizon gave us to test, and then one day my love bought me this little Bose. This is the speaker I use to listen to my movies in the Martha Cave. The jawbone mini’s are tucked away in a draw somewhere. Great review!

  2. Jean Parks says:

    Karen, I was pretty impressed that a device this small produced such a big sound. I watch a ton of movies too & really love using the Bose, Downton Abbey never sounded so good :) Thanks for letting me know you like it too :)

  3. Actually, this is timely info for me. I’m lost when it comes to this stuff and we need to do SOMETHING soon. Thanks!