10 ways to support others in Social Media

Much great material  has been written about  engaging in social media & supporting other women indeed awesome networks of bloggers have banded together to uplift each other. We all know about subscribing to our favorite blogs, leaving comments on posts etc so I won’t reinvent the wheel here but I will list my favorite ways of showing support to other bloggers & the brands that work with them!

  • Be generous in hitting the “like” button on friend’s Facebook status updates
  • Don’t forget Youtube much brilliant content there from bloggers & brands that shockingly goes unloved! give a thumbs up, take a second to comment!
  • Directly introduce friends to brands that will fit their needs on Twitter & Facebook,
  • Take a few seconds to type out “I read a great review of your product over on X blog” when you follow a new brand on twitter/Facebook
  • Did a  twitter party ,giveaway or product review delight you? tell the brand !
  • Placing an order with a brand you found via social media? if there’s a place for comments/notes on the order form, mention the blogger who recommended them!
  • Visit a lot of blogs daily? notice the sidebar ads, click on and consider bookmarking interesting sites for future shopping use.
  • Need something from Amazon? why not buy it via an affiliate link on your favorite blog, you’ll get your order just as safely & securely & you’ll help a friend to keep producing great content
  • Do you have klout ? consider searching for your favorite bloggers/brands there, give them +K for the ways they have influenced you
  • A brand pitching you that isn’t a good fit for your site? refer them to another blogger! Build relationships!

There’s an old saying that says “if you want a friend you must first be one” social media is all about building relationships so that brand,blogger and consumer all benefit. How do you support other social media professionals?


FTC: I was not compensated for this post in any way. I am a member of the mombloggers club but the opinions expressed here are totally my own & I was not required to write this post as a condition of membership.