10 Tips to Build your Marital Klout

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I want Klout with this guy!

Lots of folks worry about building their Klout Score   and as the fabulous Margie Clayman observes, forget that this social media metric doesn’t measure your score where it matters the most, in your real time relationships! What good is constructing a huge online presence if your personal life is left in shreds?  I’ve decided to honor our 6th wedding anniversary by posting some tips of things I’ve learned to help you build your brand while also preserving influence where it matters most.. with your spouse!

  • When you decide to marry your sole proprietorship becomes a partnership, a firm of two, build your brand with this in mind
  • Ask your spouse how they want details about themselves shared in social media
  • Unhappy with something your spouse said/did? they need to hear that directly from you, not from reading your Twitter Timeline
  • Invited to be pampered at events? include your spouse whenever possible!
  • Date night is every bit as important as a Twitter Party
  • Scheduling pre-written posts via Win Live Writer leaves time for date night!
  • Set aside time everyday to disconnect from social media & connect with your spouse
  • actively seek brand partners for things your spouse loves whenever possible
  • Value your spouse’s insights, seek out their advice as you build your brand
  • Recognize that yes, you’re doing the blog work but the 101 real life tasks your spouse picks up makes it all possible, thank them lavishly & frequently for their help

Summing it up

Why are you building your business? isn’t seeking finer living for your family your end goal? Don’t make the mistake of sacrificing your marriage to the engine of social media. Develop early on the habit of placing your spouse & family first in your daily life. Work together with your life partner to achieve work/life balance,after all,what good is a high Klout score or Google Page ranking if you end up in divorce court?

What do you think?

How can  you build your brand while keeping your marriage strong? How do achieve work/life balance with your spouse? What tips would you offer others just starting out in social media to help them protect their marital Klout? I eagerly look forward to your insights!