10 Tips to Build your Marital Klout

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I want Klout with this guy!

Lots of folks worry about building their Klout Score   and as the fabulous Margie Clayman observes, forget that this social media metric doesn’t measure your score where it matters the most, in your real time relationships! What good is constructing a huge online presence if your personal life is left in shreds?  I’ve decided to honor our 6th wedding anniversary by posting some tips of things I’ve learned to help you build your brand while also preserving influence where it matters most.. with your spouse!

  • When you decide to marry your sole proprietorship becomes a partnership, a firm of two, build your brand with this in mind
  • Ask your spouse how they want details about themselves shared in social media
  • Unhappy with something your spouse said/did? they need to hear that directly from you, not from reading your Twitter Timeline
  • Invited to be pampered at events? include your spouse whenever possible!
  • Date night is every bit as important as a Twitter Party
  • Scheduling pre-written posts via Win Live Writer leaves time for date night!
  • Set aside time everyday to disconnect from social media & connect with your spouse
  • actively seek brand partners for things your spouse loves whenever possible
  • Value your spouse’s insights, seek out their advice as you build your brand
  • Recognize that yes, you’re doing the blog work but the 101 real life tasks your spouse picks up makes it all possible, thank them lavishly & frequently for their help

Summing it up

Why are you building your business? isn’t seeking finer living for your family your end goal? Don’t make the mistake of sacrificing your marriage to the engine of social media. Develop early on the habit of placing your spouse & family first in your daily life. Work together with your life partner to achieve work/life balance,after all,what good is a high Klout score or Google Page ranking if you end up in divorce court?

What do you think?

How can  you build your brand while keeping your marriage strong? How do achieve work/life balance with your spouse? What tips would you offer others just starting out in social media to help them protect their marital Klout? I eagerly look forward to your insights!

About Jean Parks

Jean Parks is a chocolate & cupcake loving, computer & gadget addict from Boston, MA


  1. Great tips, Jean!
    I would add to be mindful of what you say and post on your blog and on social media. Especially when it comes to interactions with members of the opposite sex. Things can easily get taken out of context and a spouse can be led to think there is something going on when it is not. I’ve heard about a few bloggers who’s innocent tweets and/or Facebook comments to a member of the opposite sex were misinterpreted by their spouses and they were accused of infidelity.
    My husband is not into social media but that doesn’t mean that I don’t watch what I say when interacting with men (just the same as offline interactions). I never want my husband to doubt our marriage or doubt my love for him.
    We will be celebrating our 21st anniversary in a few days and he’s my best friend and an awesome husband.

  2. ellen says:

    Great post!
    As you know I am not a blogger but rather a tweeter.
    So many people get so wrapped up in social media sites that they are just overloaded. Twitter, Facebook, Google+ can eat up a significant part of your day. So much so, that oftentimes I wonder how so many can attend 2-3 parties a night and tweet/FB/blog (or not) and maintain any kind of family life.

    It’s important too what @MomRN says.. spouses who arent into social media can/will get the wrong impression quite easily- to them someone of the opposite sex online is an unknown and can quickly lead to arguements or resentment- especially if you are online alot, and although at home ‘away’ from them.

    It is important as you say to unplug- go outside, enjoy life and quit staring at a screen- your life doesnt exsist inside electronics it exsists right where you’re at in the present.

  3. Chelsey says:

    I completely agree with all of your points! I’m not much of a blogger, though I do use other social media quite a bit. I’ve read some other tweets or facebook posts from friends, bloggers, etc. that really put their business out there. Not one time have I heard about that improving their troubles, but I’ve seen that behavior frequently make matters worse. For my marriage, I try to set aside my computer when my husband is in the room, I don’t tweet about our personal business, and I don’t get so involved in the lives of my online friends that I forget about my own.

  4. Anne says:

    Jean, very good advice about the business of relationships.
    My blog isn’t going to love and cherish me all the days of my life.

  5. NerdMom says:

    I totally agree with you! While I love all of you, my husband is my priority and that takes time!

  6. So true! When I first started myblog, I was intent on building it up and lost focus of my other priorities. My husband started to feel like I was paying more attention to the computer, so I need to readjust what was important to me.

    Anne, couldn’t agree with your comment more – “My blog isn’t going to love and cherish me all the days of my life.”

  7. Deb says:

    This is a great post, with compelling reminders of the team of two that is the foundation for so much happiness AND success. Leveraging this can make all the difference.

    I AGREE date night is as, and more, important as that Twitter Party.

    Thanks for ringing the bell about what really matters. Above all, relationships starting at home base, matter the most. –D