10 things this beginner has learned about live blogging

Had my 1st experience covering a brand event yesterday & wanted to share with you the 10 things this beginner learned about Live blogging

1. Have a clear agreement on what is expected of you, what time are you expected to arrive? How long are you expected to stay? What activities does the brand have planned for you?

2 .The PR people on site may not be the same contact you’ve been working with, have phone numbers/contact info for both.If this is a ticketed event how are you getting in? Double check with your PR contact to know this in advance.

3. Clarify/ confirm what resources are going to be made available in terms of internet connections, electrical outlets. Bring backup devices: I had trouble  connecting with my laptop yesterday, having my Droid 2 with me allowed me to tweet updates/pictures that also feed thru to my on site live blog via cover it! I also brought my digital camera & Flip, making sure I could grab content!

4. If this is a public event & you’re going to have to do meet & greet or any other activity that separates  you from your laptop & other gear what provisions will be made to keep these items safe?

5. Set up & test whatever app you’re going to use to broadcast your live blog on your site in advance! I used cover it live it was simple, free & allowed me to integrate my Twitter account.

6 .Check all devices, charge batteries, make sure  they work &you’ve got any needed cables/cords packed. Also, check the weather, dress in layers, yesterday was great but would have been even better if I’d remembered to bring a pair of slim, professional looking gloves.

7. You meeting & greeting? handing out products? carry alcohol gel with you & use it frequently, also carry an emery board  & unscented hand cream in your bag.Keep your business cards easily within your reach! mine were buried in the bottom of my bag, a mistake I won’t make again.

8. Be positive, flexible, cheerful! Follow the lead of the PR person onsite, let them know you are at their command for the duration of the event. Make yourself an asset to the event leader, not another problem to deal with. Thank them for their help before leaving

9. Follow up with your PR contact person after the event, mention onsite PR and staff people who were helpful, clarify/confirm any finishing details they need to wrap things up on their end. Thank your contact person for working with you!

10. Lastly, if you’ve been being your true self, working with the brand will be easy as they’ll be a company you know and respect. Relax,be yourself, enjoy the experience and serve up exciting content for your readers!

Have you covered  sponsored events live for your blog? Been to any conferences where you’ve lived blogged? What have you learned works, what’s to be avoided? I’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions here!